GTB_Yannig Hedel_Portrait_Courtesy Galerie Thierry Bigaignon.jpg

Born in 1948, Yannig Hedel has been pursuing the marks of time on the urban architecture, day after day, season after season, and, in so doing, has spent the last 40 years building a remarkable and coherent body of work. He started his photographic journey at the age of 22, and, over time, set up a collection of various geometric shapes captured in the city, turning simple gables into pyramids, and banal chimneys into monumental sandglasses. While everything around him is accelerating, Yannig Hedel takes his time. And more precisely, he takes photographs of time itself! Street walker, he has rigorously captured the shadows, these ephemeral shapes made of light and time, to illustrate the passage of time. In all modesty, he has invented a new street photography, turning it into something formal, poetic and definitely silent. The way he plays with light and time, is purely figurative but also flirts with abstraction. As such his work could be defined as 'abstract reality'.     
Exhibited throughout Europe, but also in Mexico and Japan, his photographs an compositions have been showed in more than thirty solo exhibitions and is now part of several museum collections including those of Arles, Strasbourg, Châlon-sur-Saône, Charleroi (Belgium) and Stuttgart (Germany). The retrospectives which took place in Lyon (France), at the 'Musée de l'Elysée' in Lausanne (Switzerland), and at the 'Musée Réattu' in Arles, gave us the opportunity to fully understand his singular life-time work, it being both obsessive and evolutive.
Whether he walks the street of his home town or as he stares at the city from his apartment window, Yannig Hedel pursues his relentless quest and offers us a never-ending enchantement.