Catherine Balet is a French artist born in 1959. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Paris, Catherine Balet is fascinated by the digital revolution and seeks to understand its deep sense by immersing herself in the history of art. A painter by profession, she started practicing photography in the 2000s. Her work takes a sociological dimension, like in her photographic portraits of teenagers, immortalizing the cloakroom of students around the world. Identity is a main subject in her artistic research, whether through portraits depicting styles or traditional uniforms or her last collection which focuses on the subject of social networks and new technologies. She has paid tribute to the masters of photography, from Man Ray to Martin Parr, giving herself the opportunity to understand and integrate the trends of the art of photography of today and tomorrow.

Paying tribute to the great masters of photography!

7 September - 29 October 2016

It all began in 2013, one summer morning in Arles, during the famous photography festival Les Rencontres photographiques. Ricardo Martinez Paz, as a young dandy aged 76, whose resemblance to Picasso is striking, is seated before bread rolls. He's wearing a sailor stripe jersey and his look is somewhat evasive. Catherine Balet stares at him and immediately thinks of the famous photograph of Picasso by Robert Doisneau. She grabs her camera and immortalises the very moment that would trigger her irresistible desire to go further. Two and a half years of intensive work will follow, leading these two friends to explore the whole history of photography, from the first self-portrait by Robert Cornelius in 1839 to today's selfies.

  • 122 photographs available in three sizes : small, medium and large
  • Limited edition of 9, numbered, printed and signed by the artist
  • Prices range from 600 € to 5 400 €
  • Signed copies of the book as well as a collector edition are available at the gallery and online.