Well versed at working on landscapes, Alain Cornu knows how to turn his subjects into fascinating objects. His previous series alternately depict trees, standing stones, misty fields, windows, walls, doors and streets. This time, zinc roofs, gables and chimneys, bathed in soft light, take on a new dimension and become an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Although photography became his favourite means of expression since he graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins - French National School of Applied Arts, Print and Digital Media-, the delicacy of his compositions clearly reveals his first passion for drawing and painting. Alongside the still-life projects, portraits and commissioned works he does in studio, Alain Cornu also lingers outside on landscape series, making large format images.



Paris wouldn't be Paris without its distinctive rooftops: the most vivid and romantic symbols in the collective memory. We all have the images of shadows and rays of light escaping from a window at night. But Alain Cornu goes further than just portraying Paris. Following his own emotions and tightening up the frame he gives a draws our attention to singular details. 

With his keen eye, his tenacity and his artistic mastery, Alain Cornu offers his own definition of light, and reveals abstract and dreamlike landscapes. "A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life", said Thomas Jefferson. An excursion onto Alain Cornu's rooftops will no doubt complete the lessons.

  • Photographs available in two sizes : 50x60 cm and 96x120 cm
  • Limited edition of 5, numbered, printed and signed by the artist
  • Prices range from 1 450 € to 4 136 €
  • Signed copies of the book as well as a collector edition are available at the gallery and online